Mar 1, 2016

Gender Reveal Fun

My little sister is expecting! The youngest of us 3 sisters is having a baby in July and we are so excited. She and her husband have showered nieces and nephews with love and now it's our turn! My sis has decided to do a small gender reveal with close family - except "small" is not how our family does anything, especially when it comes to celebrations.

It started with a Pinterest search for "gender reveal" to find cupcake ideas. And then....I saw it. Tannerite + chalk. Explosions in blue and pink. Yes, we are blowing s*@# up to reveal whether I will have a new niece or nephew. Within 30 minutes we had a full-on invite designed for more than just close family. The middle sister has agreed to host at the farmhouse and end the party with a bonfire.

With any explosion, safety is number one. So of course, following the theme, I made cards for each guest so their hearing stays intact while we have some noisy gender revealing fun! Enjoy the inspiration!

You can now download the fabulous 'Plug Your Ears' printable HERE. Enjoy!

Looking for colored earplugs? 


  1. How did you do the whole process with the chalk? We are wanting to do this and I'm at a loss

    1. Hi Jessy! You can read all the explosion details in this post :)


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