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My name is Alyssa Anderson. Here is just a piece of me…

I fell in love with my husband when we met in 2003. We dated four years and he proposed  one day before our four year anniversary (yes, because I was too impatient to wait one more day). We were married in 2007 and our relationship continues to grow stronger each day!
Just the Two of Us

We live happily in Fishers, Indiana (north-side of Indianapolis) and I work part time as an Organ Transplant Nurse. Transplant is an amazing thing to witness and challenges my heart and mind.

Mr. E
After an early miscarriage in 2007, we were blessed with Mr. E in 2008 and our world turned upside down…in a good way. He brings joy and laughter to my heart daily. I cannot imagine my life without his smile and of course the ‘boy’ attributes he acquired from his father.

Miss C

While the thought of having more made my stomach still turn a bit, we got pregnant when Mr. E turned ONE! Little Miss C was born in 2010 and I cannot stay away from her cheeks and toes!!She is a laid back little lady and it is amazing to see my children interact and make each other giggle!

When I sit back and think about where life has taken me, I am speechless at how many blessings are right in front of me. A loving husband, two amazing little ones, and a the privilege to care for them at home.

What do I do in my spare time? …it is okay to laugh …I love to sew! I jump at the chance to craft, and plan events, and decorate…and dream about projects I hope to accomplish. Most ‘spare time’ is spent juggling kids, chanting ‘No’ and ‘Please share.’  Naptime no longer exists, but the kids happily encourage me to sew and craft. 

Most recently, I have made a commitment to a healthier, more fit lifestyle. I have lost 10 pounds since January 2014 with BeachBody fitness + Shakeology. I could not be happier and am excited to pay it forward and help others make a similar transformation. Be sure to visit my fitness site {blog included} HERE!

I hope to share my passions through blogging. I want to share what is real in my life - as a momma of two under three four five six,  a fit mom who still loves ME time, a mom who thirsts for unique tutorials and artsy projects, as a planner, and someone who simply loves her family and wants to live life to its fullest!