Jan 18, 2016

Firmoo Review

Say that five times fast...Firmoo Review! I had Lasik Eye Surgery 8 years ago. It is one of the best things I have been able to do {I previously couldn't see a rock in front of my face}. Since then, my eyesight is diminishing again and I need a low prescription to see far away. Firmoo is the perfect solution to finding fun and functional frames. I had the pleasure of checking out Firmoo this month and want to share my experience and a discount for you all.

If you haven't checked it out, Firmoo is an online eyewear retailer with tons of styles, shapes, and colors. Chances are you will find more than just a few you want to try. I had no problem finding three prescription styles I liked. It was easy to narrow it down by using the measurements guide they provide for each pair and pictures from other shoppers. I already have a black pair so I chose a tortoise shell color frame. LOVE them!

Ordering a fun pair was super easy {and WAY cheaper than the optometrist route}! Pick style, enter your prescription, and checkout. Done! The only questionable part of the process was measuring my PD {pupillary distance}. Firmoo explains how to measure this well and I crossed my fingers my husband took the right measurement. I also had a question during checkout and Laura from Firmoo was helpful and responded within hours...AND followed up after my order to make sure everything went well. So...check for great customer service!

My glasses arrived within a few days and the prescription was perfect. The glasses fit well, are super lightweight, and I can see perfectly! I received a hard case with the glasses as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth. Ordering was fun, simple, and affordable! I'm excited to have a pair to wear at home and another to have out and about when needed.

Ready to check it out? Of course! Check out Firmoo's New Arrival styles and grab your 15% off discount. Firmoo also runs awesome promotions - right now it's BOGO! I'm on my way to check out sunglasses for driving!

Glasses (FRM8817): c/o Firmoo
Knit Cowl: c/o my lovely Mom!


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