May 1, 2016

Baby Boy with a BOOM!

Holy moly! I intended to blog this fun event weeks ago and somehow it is May! Anyway...let's get to it...

My youngest sister {there are 3 of us} is expecting and we are all thrilled to get another baby fix. I'm also glad she is more like me and decided to learn the gender of the little one early. While researching ways to insert blue or pink goo into cupcakes together, she and I stumbled over something big. As in explosive! All 3 sister, Type A, event planning brains went into overdrive and we ended up with one fantastically loud, big gender reveal. Enjoy!

My middle sis-Kel, Mom, and I HAD to go a bit overboard for our new nephew. Kel whipped up a diaper cake complete with a design tag to match the 'Plug your Ears' printable and invitation. Each guest had the chance to cast their gender vote on the Mister / Miss chalkboard - a little mister was the fav to win. I enjoyed more fun cupcake piping using a Wilton 1M and my new fav food coloring. The explosion was hosted at Kel's beautiful farmhouse. She and Mom worked to provide a delicious cookout menu to celebrate with great friends and family. 

And then...the real fun began! My brother-in-law {Kel's husband} was the secret agent in charge of mixing the explosive tannerite {2 pounds} with blue standard line chalk {15 pounds}. Chalk can be purchased at your local hardware store or online...just watch out it's not the permanent variety. 

We all waited patiently for the shot fired. Such suspense that ultimately blew up BLUE! Another boy in the fam and we are all so excited! Especially the expectant father!

Love ya sis! You are both going to be amazing parents. You have so much love and kindness in your hearts to bring up this sweet boy in the best way. We love you to pieces and hope this celebration kicked off something wonderful for you!

Here are the gender pink and blue party earplugs in action...because I couldn't resist that face, the cheeks, and the beautiful curls we share. Happy partying!

Product and mixing info for the best explosion
Chalk used is standard line marking chalk, which can be purchased on Amazon or at your local hardware store. Buying local is helpful so you can return the unused color. Here is an example of chalk you will need to get started. Just be sure you don't get permanent! 

The tannerite was mixed in a 1-gallon orange juice container, then put in a 5-gallon bucket with chalk on top of orange juice. Bucket was shot at 150 yards. 

Disclaimer: As with any explosives, you are taking a personal risk. Please read and follow tannerite mixing directions and make safe choices. Not liable for personal injury due to methods explained above.


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