Feb 23, 2015

Get in top shape for Vacation!

Spring Break is not far off. Being in Indiana with subzero temperatures has me MORE than ready to get ready for warmer weather and some vacation fun! 

Prepping your mind and body for warmer weather is ultimately about keeping a regular exercise regimen and healthy eating lifestyle. There is NO substitute! No magic pill, no chemical, no hypnosis that can make it melt away. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right foot to feel {and look} better!


  • Avoid carbonated beverages - these will create more gas in your body
  • Watch the Salt - Highly processed foods, carryout, and fast food all have salt overdose
  • Eat in - Plan ahead for healthy meals to avoid carryout and fast food
  • Drink up - Be sure to drink water daily! Your weight (lbs) / 2 = ounces of water to drink daily
  • Eat frequent, smaller meals to avoid bloat and also manage hunger and metabolism more effectively.
  • Try the 3 Day Refresh to reset nutrition and shed pounds and inches in a pinch!


  • Motivate yourself with a photo of your destination or a new bathing suit for vacation
  • Raid the pantry - Eliminate sugary, processed, or other junk food. It all slows metabolism and weight loss
  • Don't skimp - your body needs fuel to burn calories. Calculate your body's caloric requirement and log food to be sure you are eating enough.
  • Plan ahead - Treat daily exercise like any other appointment. Put it on the calendar so you get it done!
  • Make it Fun - Find a friend or fitness group for accountability and motivation. You will have fun and get fit!


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