Dec 5, 2011

Welcome Home

We are finally moved in and getting settled in our new home! The kids love it. The first few days they would magically disappear. I would frantically look for them expecting a horrible mess or worse...and find them playing nicely...and quietly! Amazing! I know the honeymoon phase will wear off, but we are so happy here and it feels just like home.

This morning, I carried Miss C downstairs at 6 am. We were both sleepy eyed, but as the sun came up I was humbled by the gorgeous view outside. The grass was frosted and our sage painted family room blended seamlessly with the blue-green landscape and crystal pond. So blessed to be here and with the people I love. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!

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  1. wow,amazing view!!!I'm really happy for you and you'r family!God bless u!!!!!!


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