Dec 7, 2011

One of those weeks...

It's normal for anyone to have a rough day, but we are definitely having a rough week. We moved last Monday and already are dealing with structural problems...mainly water. Water leak in the exterior soffit and a major leak in the ceiling near the fireplace. And to top it all off, I stepped in a pool of water this morning leaking from the dishwasher. This too shall pass and hopefully without too much heartache (and moolah). Thanks for letting me vent! Hope you are all having a better week!

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  1. Oh no, how poop! Same thing happened to us when got our place a few years ago. We moved in just before Christmas to find out the roof leaked, windows weren't fitted properly and the walls hadn't been insulated leading to mould! All an absolute pain in the bum but a fantastic learning experience for us.

    Hope its all sorted quickly and easily!


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