Jul 26, 2011

S'more Goodness! {with a twist}

There has been a lot of S'more ideas floating around. They all look delicious and bring me back to my younger years when we made Peanut Butter S'mores in the oven! They are THE perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate {an all-time fav of mine}!

This snack is so easy, quick, and a great activity to involve little ones in the kitchen. Mr E loved helping stack the ingredients. Let's get started!

What you will need to make 6 s'mores:
- 6 sheets graham crackers, broken in half
- 2- 1.5 oz chocolate bars
- 6 marshmallows
- 3 Tbsp of peanut butter {give or take a little}

Turn on your oven to broil. Start by placing 6 graham cracker halves on a baking sheet. Then smear them well with your favorite peanut butter!


Then, top each with a marshmallow. Place pan in the heated oven for 1 minute {or less}. Watch them like a hawk...the marshmallows toast quickly under the broiler! Have your others toppings ready to stack on the warm, gooey marshmallows.

Once you remove the pan from the oven, top each with chocolate and then another graham cracker square.


Then, sit in a quiet, secluded place to wallow in the gooey goodness you just created!


  1. These look wonderful! So great that you can make these without a fire outside! Also, I love your fingernail polish..

  2. What a great idea! If I had some graham crackers I would make one of these right now but alas I don't....

  3. Great idea for when it's too hot to stand around a campfire! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  4. When I read your title, I thought you were going to add Nutella ;). PB's good, too!

  5. Those look yummy. Peanut butter makes everything better!

  6. @Kim: I almost mentioned Nutella as an alternative!! I need to join the Nutella craze I guess!

  7. Peanut butter and chocolate are the BEST combo. They look so yummy! I'd love for you to come show off your smores at the recipe swap hosted on my blog every week. Have a good one.

  8. You can't go wrong with adding peanut butter to anything! And to s'mores? YUM!!!

  9. Oh I love the addition of peanut butter!

  10. Yummy twist, I will try these.

  11. Yum! I've totally been on a smores kick lately! Have you tried using reeses peanut butter cups instead of the chocolate bars? Dont hate me for suggesting that ;) Found you site on Shabby Nest link party. I'm a new follower!

  12. I know that you have so many blog parties to choose from so thank you for choosing Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. This amazing post added to the party blast! Enjoy the rest of the week :)


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