Jul 28, 2011

Love Letter

My loving husband,

I know you're trying to figure out an anniversary present for me {and if not, take this as a huge hint}.

Jewelry is a lovely thought, but not exactly practical, given that our child might steal, break, puke on, or require us to hock anything nice to pay for medical expenses after swallowing. Candy is always appreciated, but since I've just consumed all the children's Easter sweets to save them from obesity, diabetes, and allergens, I'm not really in the mood. Instead, honey, why not pick one of these gifts I'd really love. They may take a little more effort, but they will make a big difference to me.

10. Diaper Amnesty: Actually, I'd like to avoid contact with anything sticky, stinky, or slimy, including the refrigerator door handle, the floor of my car, and whatever that congealed mass is at the bottom of the trash can.

9. Shhhhh: I need sweet absence of noise without the worry that only very bad things happen when it's so quiet.

8. The other sweet silence: It could be an extra half-hour with the bed all to myself or a lazy afternoon nap. I'll take any opportunity to lie horizontally with both eyes closed for more than 15 minutes before crying, screaming, and loud “uh oh” noises.

7. Maybe one Material: a surprise arrival of a bag adorned with the letters J-J-B

6. Potty Time: These dreams include using the facilities for more than 20 seconds with the door closed and no screaming due to separation anxiety.

5. Phone Home: I may not be able to complete a conversation which isn't made up of story snippets that fit in between "Don’t mess with that," "Stop it," and "Mommy’s here," but I'd sure like to try.

4. Peace Meal: It could be dinner at home or even a quick bite out- just let me have one meal during which I can finish my food in a single sitting without a child screaming from the floor or crib.

3. Room to Groom: To tame my wild un-plucked eyebrows or filing my nails down, I'd like the chance to look like a civilized human again. All I need is a brief window of time and a few products.

2. Offer to stand guard duty at the bathroom door while I take a nice, long, hot shower, free of cries through the monitor that start the second I close the shower door. The kind of shower with hot, steamy water…and soap. And time to shave without looking like the victim of a horror movie.

And the number 1 best thing would be...
An Unsolicited Hug, Kiss and an "I love you, Mommy." I know...that's three things, but when delivered as a package without being asked, it's the most satisfying gift any mother can get....{ Although time alone in the bathroom is a close second}

I know we joke about the luxuries of life we sacrifice as "mom"...and it would be nice to get one or two back for a day. BUT, I am SO grateful for my helpful and loving husband and am excited to celebrate FOUR years of fabulous marriage with the man of my dreams! You are my rock and I am so blessed to spend life with you!


  1. Aw..you were a beautiful bride!!
    This made me chuckle!!! So true!
    Congrats on 4 years!

  2. Love this post and congrats on 4 years of marriage!

  3. Congrats! Such a glowing & lovely bride! ;) We celebrated our 6th yr of marriage last month! Loved your cute list!!! Take care & enjoy your anniversary!


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