Jun 6, 2011

This is How it Happens

Each and e-v-e-r-y day, waking at 6:00 AM. It takes a toll on your body...energy and sanity. 
This is how it starts.

And then it progresses with more symptoms….
Crankiness, irritability, confusion, clumsiness, and at times outbursts of crazy song and dance.
You are not motivated to leave the house because it takes too much energy and time. It’s much easier to have things delivered to your doorstep.
The delirium sets in and soon you don't remember if you showered yesterday or last week. Your hair begins to revolt! No matter how hard you try, it cannot be contained to the MOM updo.

 This is how it happens. 

This is how MOMS are driven to the stereotypical MOM. I am determined to break out of my funk! I WILL shower more than 3 times a week! I WILL ‘do’ my hair and makeup! I WILL wear more fashionable clothing with pants that do not feature an elastic waistband!
Remembering life before kids is my biggest motivation. Well rested and ready to conquer the world! Some days I still feel that way when I get an unprompted 'I Love You!'...and other days, I am drowning. 
Here’s to all of the MOMS that will not become A MOM who let herself go! 


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