Jun 5, 2011

On My Mind

Lake House Calm

Just a few things on my mind lately:

- Will Mr. E ever sleep in his bed again for the entire night?
- When will I wean Miss C from breastfeeding and how will she tolerate it?
- When and how do we potty train Mr. E...after vacation, but before swim class? Hmmm...
- Will any of us have the chance to relax during our family vacation?
- I need to get some landscaping done this month.
- Hurry and get everything gathered, organized, and labeled for the garage sale this weekend!

Do I sound like a crazy lady or just a normal mom?

What is on your mind lately?

1 comment:

  1. Very Normal, Believe Me ! I have four (mostly) grown up sons now and one grand-daughter. It's always a whirl-wind of activity. isn't it exciting? YES! ...and take loads of photos and cherish every moment in time


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