May 23, 2009

I have been searching for the reason why E. has been SOOO.... restless and wakeful...cranky and clingy. Found some info regarding sleep regression at 8 months. I know to some this might seem too technical for parenting, but it totally makes sense...that the physical and neurological milestones take so much brain power for babies and wear them out and therefore, hinders sleep and attitude, etc.

Love this site for info on sleep regression. ... e_sle.html

Definitely read the post called "Q&A: The one where I feel like a shitty parent" by clicking here...
I was laughing aloud while reading this...probably because I totally identify with this woman (fyi...the post is a little explicit if that bothers you, be aware).

This will pass and E. will be smarter and happier afterwards...whew!


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