May 30, 2009

E. is definitely getting better! Two days of sufficient naps and NO whining or screaming in the process :) He's still clingy, but you can't have everything, right? He has been a much happier boy since having decent sleep...wooohooo! I hope we are on the upswing of things. Fingers crossed.

My sister, Kelly decided to come visit yesterday. We had fun shopping at the quilt shop and getting sundaes from the custard stand down the street! She helped trace a pattern from the Weekend Sewing book I picked up at the library. There is such a cute skirt in the book. We all went out to El Rodeo for dinner and laughed while watching Jeff Dunham Comedy Central special. Thanks to Bib and Sandy for turning us on to his act. This guy is soooo...funny! Here's a clip of his hilarity!

We had a blast...glad you came Kel!

DH and I have had a relaxing day with cleaning and I jumped into making the skirt. It did not come out so well...not at all like the pic in the book...not flattering...and the pattern did not say that I needed to buy way more fabric to cut out the 6-8 skirt panels...grrrr! I think I might be done sewing garments. I will just stick to fun and useful projects I know will turn out well! I am looking forward to finding a fun bag/clutch pattern for the other 2 yards of fabric I bought for a second skirt!


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