Dec 18, 2014

Results are IN!

Hello! I have been busy! Busy building myself and my life...filling it with purpose and passion! It is amazing and now I have proof! As you have probably read, I am at risk. After my second child was born in 2010, my gestational diabetes resolved. It was not a fun 9 months during pregnancy and I was relieved the diagnosis went away postpartum. However, it's not gone for good. 

This threat has fueled my 'why.' This is what drives my motivation to workout, eat healthy, and set a good example for my family. I don't want to explain to my kids why I prick my finger four times daily or give myself shots. They deserve all of me and I will do my best to beat the odds. Guess what?! I am already succeeding...

I had my annual physical and the results are in! Since 2011, my fasting glucose has stayed fairly steady...87 this year. What I didn't expect to see made me even more excited. Many other labs improved from my exercise and nutrition changes I made this past year. Since 2011 my total cholesterol is down 10 points (down 5 points from 2013). My good cholesterol (HDL) is up 4 points and bad cholesterol (LDL) is down 5 points from last year! The craziest change are my triglycerides. What are those, you ask?
     According to the American Heart Association, "Elevated triglycerides can be caused by overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, cigarette smoking, excess alcohol consumption and a diet very high in carbohydrates (more than 60 percent of total calories)." 

One year ago {before exercise, Shakeology, and a better diet} my triglycerides were 90. Normal, but not awesome. This year...69! 69! Seriously...they dropped 21 points in 12 months. I am blown away and my hard work is confirmed. Beyond my better mood, patience, increased energy, happiness, weight loss, and passion for a positive life - my body is working better. I have often thought a window into the body {similar to an 8 ball} would be so handy and give us more control. Yes, I'm Type A. This is my 8 ball reading. And it's an amazing prediction for better health!! Cheers to an amazing 2014 and on to even better things in 2015!


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