Nov 12, 2013

Bath Heated Tile Floor - Part 4

More bath! I thought about condensing the steps we took to complete the master bath reno, but decided to give each a full post. A lot of pics to share and I want to share details for anyone on the verge of renovating their own space.

Today is about tiling the floor...the WARM tile floor. We {aka: my mom} installed the heat coil and flooring ourselves after the space and subfloor was prepped with concrete board by the contractor. I knew I wanted to spend a little more of the budget and time on the heating coil that was installed below the tile. The master bath was before always chilly and I really wanted it to be a {literally} cozy space.

After a lot of research, I decided to use ThermoSoft Heating Coil for the reno. It was more affordable, offered great customer service, straight forward installation, and my mom was familiar with the product from a previous project.

We began by planning our layout for the heat coil. It was then taped in place to the subfloor. A thin layer of thinset {or mortar} was applied to keep the coil in place and to protect the wires as we overlaid the tile floor. There was quite a lot of electrical work involved. I learned a lot and even wired the coil to the thermostat that controls the heating element!


This is my amazing Mom! She can move mountains and anything else you need done along the way. She's an artist, quilter, handy-woman, tile layer, wallpaper/paint expert...and the list goes on. She loves a challenge and will see it through. She was my confidant throughout this project and it would NOT have been completed without her. Thank you Mom for all of your help, wisdom, work LABOR, and for sharing your talents!


After the heat coil was set, it was left alone to dry. We then began the daunting task of laying 'hardwood look' plank tile. The reasonably priced tile was purchased at Lowe's and laid using a 3/32 inch grout line. The tile continued from the bath into the closet for a very seamless look. The heat coil was only installed in the bathroom, however. It was very challenging to lay the tile over the uneven heat coil. 


 Mom 'buttering' tile during installation. We marked out guidelines to keep everything straight and even. Harder than it looks!

Closet space during installation {left} and floor finished before grout applied {right}.

 This is my Dad...also absolutely talented and amazing. He is a doctor, woodworker, handyman, firearm and hunting guru, and teacher! Together he and my mom conquer the unimaginable...projects, home building, renovations...and they do it all from imagination. I envy the creativity and the drive to accomplish good, honest work. This is my Dad helping to install chair rail trim to help prepare the space for tile behind the tub area. It was a last minute realization that it needed to be installed asap. He forfeited his afternoon off from work and drove an hour to rescue us with his talent. Thank you Dad!!

 Chair rail installed and GORGEOUS!


After tile was finished, the wires from the heat coil needed to be fed up through the wall to the thermostat that controls the heating element. Very similar to a home thermostat, but senses heating wire temp rather than ambient air temperature. 

I decided to install on my own. After a quick call to Dad {for electrical advice}, I ran the power wire and heat sensor wires {through conduit} from the floor baseboard area into the remodel box. I then wired to the thermostat and voila! It worked..and it heats...and it is absolutely wonderful every time we step foot into the bathroom!!

Space finished with grout. Again, we chose PowerGrout in 'Coffee' color.

Tub space after perfect chair rail by Dad and wall tile installed by my Mom. Looks perfect!


 Tomorrow will be about the vanity, counter, and clawfoot tub. And then, final reveal!

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