Nov 8, 2013

Bath DEMO - Part 2

I am finally ready to embark on documenting our master bath renovation. I began yesterday by sharing the 'before' photos. Breaking down all of the hard work is definitely rewarding. I am seeing where we started and how far we came. Nothing compared to climbing mountains, but we poured heart and soul into this project. We rallied family, help, support, and others with amazing talents to turn out a gorgeous bath in the end!

So, onto the beginning. The demolition. We gutted most everything. Things that disappeared...white tile floor, vanity, mirrors, vanity lights, green monster countertop, shower, and tub, bubble glass wall inset {between bathroom and water closet}, and closet carpeting. 

We hired a contractor, who came highly recommended to do the demo, prep, and vanity installation. A local flooring company installed the tile shower. Separate glass company for the shower glass enclosure. My mom and I installed the main tile flooring {and heat coil} throughout. A local plumber did rough-in and trim installation for faucet, shower, and tub fixtures. The space was painted and my mom and I again installed the new baseboard trim. Here are {a LOT} of photos of the first phase - DEMO!


Vanity is gone. Mirrors were hung with construction adhesive so they took a bit more work to remove. 

Flooring being removed {tile and carpet}. The sub-floor of the bath {under tile} was plywood rather than the preferred concrete board. Everything was ripped up and new concrete board was installed in the main floor area. The team worked so hard and did a wonderful job!

 Bubble glass wall tile removed and old shower glass enclosure gone!

The green monster is slowly disappearing!


 The contractor did an amazing job patching the hole where the bubble glass tile was removed. Vanity wall was also patched {drywall and mud}. Tub surround gone and MORE green acrylic in the shower removed.

Drywall removed where concrete board/tile were to be installed in shower and behind freestanding tub.


We decided to add a small framed wall to the shower structure. The 'partition' wall would then be tiled and one side became the home for our shower niche {to hold shampoo, etc}. I absolutely love the design and that it hides unsightly bottles and soaps from view. A very clean and streamlined look. THANK YOU MOM for the genius idea!

That is all for demo and prep! Everything removed, concrete board laid on floor, walls patched, shower framed, and drywall removed making way for concrete board and tile. Next phase to share is the tiling of the shower...stay tuned!!


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