Nov 4, 2012

Another season will be here soon...

Several people have asked, "So are you done with the blog?" As fellow bloggers know, it's a very winding road. Some weeks you can't wait to post about life, projects, and quotes you adore. Some weeks you struggle to find five minutes to accomplish ONE post. And then it tapers off...and life gets the best of you.

But most days, life is SO much better than spending 30-60 minutes writing, composing, editing, and formatting on blogger. I have several ideas for blog posts...DIY burlap PB candles, the new redecorated guest room, toy storage and child artwork displays, hand sewn projects...and the list goes on. Today, however, I have no crisp, clean photos to share. Just life.

Mr. E and Miss C are both loving school! Mr. E is in preschool and flourishes with creativity and has the most creative mind. He will draw abstract and life-like pictures from memory. He can't wait to write letters and we are beginning to do a letter each week here at home {now that he is close to abandoning nap time}. Mr. E is into superheroes...who knew? Growing up with sisters, I was never exposed to larger than life comic characters. The best part is, Miss C loves watching Spiderman cartoons just as much as Mr. E.

Miss C is, well...persnickety. That word encompasses all of her moods. She also has the most lively and carefree personality that peeks through. She love to dance and get all dressed up. Miss C has lived in her 'big dress,' every day this week...referring to the flower girl dress she got to show off at my sister's gorgeous wedding! She boasts about being 'Cinda-bella' for Halloween and usually can't decide between the hand sewn Cinderella blue gown or the flower girl dress. She loves shoes...woohooo! She is her own person and is smart and I am tickled everyday to see her come alive in new ways.

Over the summer, the two kiddos spent their fair share of bickering and fighting. This past week, they have transformed into an imaginary play duo. It's unbelievable to witness! They play together and make-believe with each other. They fix up dolls and spiderman toys with bandaids and stethoscopes, have taken boating trips into the deep {and according to E, your boat has to have magical powers so it doesn't sink}, and they cook the most elaborate pretend feasts for Mom. It warms my heart to listen in on their fantasies and stories. Seeing their childhood spirit renews me as a person and as a parent. I look forward to see what tomorrow will bring...what will they learn? what will they discover? what amazing ways will they interpret the world and life around them?

So there you have it...our life in a small, happy package. Of course it's not always this wonderful, but I can't wait to relive these memories someday now that they have been shared. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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