May 1, 2012

We are settled...

Where have I been?! Seriously...where did the last three months go? Somehow, I have buried myself in home renovations, redecorating, and settling. We absolutely love our new home. I can honestly admit that not a day passes when I am not grateful to God for our blessings in this new home and our family.

The frequent reminder from strangers that I {must} savor every last mommy moment sticks with me. I push myself to remember the giggles, the quarrels, and new words each day.

Aside from family time, I have been busy with furnishing the new home. I absolutely thrive on the pressure and stress incurred by planning and tweaking decor. It's fun and new and definitely a challenge. Picking out furniture with my hubby was almost more stressful than the move itself. BUT, things have come together and I am so proud to share our space with you!

First up, is our powder room! A bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom. But, this is our dream home and I wanted it to be dreamy!

Here is the space before...

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Vanity: Custom built by Wes Hollis ~ Vanity Light: Pottery Barn
Mirror: Home Goods ~ Faucet: Delta Victorian ~ Towel Fixtures: Pinedale Set
Handtowel: West Elm ~ Toilet: Kohler Cimarron

We replaced the toilet, sink, mirror, vanity light, and fixtures. The vanity was custom made by a local woodworker. The vanity sink and top was a steal that my Mom found at Lowe's for $5!! It was much larger with a major crack off one end. I took it to a local stone supply company and had it cut down to size. This space was transformed for less than $1000 and I absolutely love it!

I hope to share more spaces soon with up is the dining room!


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