May 15, 2012

Til Tomorrow...

Good day...bad day...decent....then worse. We all work to find balance in our hectic and crazy schedules. To find fulfillment in life requires balance, love, trust, faith, and I'm sure I forgot a few.

This past weekend was a fun celebration of mothers. We did the usual church service, a family lunch, and enjoyed being together. My sisters and I reflected on how rare it can be to find 'glued at the hip' families. We love being together, helping each other, and supporting in time of need. It's amazing. It's humbling. It's definitely fulfilling.

In the background of our celebration, each of us had our own bad days nearby. My brain was spinning with those loved ones who weren't fully celebrating. I prayed for little Henley...little Wayland...our family members who were grieving...and those who miss their mom more than anything else.

Keeping others close in prayer makes me reflect on how I live my life. Not as a whole, but what I do and how I act daily. Do I praise? Do I scowl? Do I emanate strength or weakness? Last weekend, I let go. I let my kids be kids. No matter how dirty, how loud, or how rowdy...they were allowed to be little. It gave me peace in my heart. To enjoy life itself and the moments in it. To not fret about the next appointment or task, but to take it all in and be truly grateful for the blessings we have.

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