Oct 10, 2011

We Are Moving!

Yes, you read that correctly...we are in the process of moving to another home! Hubby has made it his hobby for the past 6 years to 'browse' the housing market. We always said 'When the right one comes along, we'll be ready.' Most of the time I got my hopes up and came crashing down after the walk through. Low and behold, we recently stumbled upon a house that will be our dream home {after some minor tweaking}. I am SO excited to start this new journey! We can finally complete the renovations and makeovers without regret. This will be the home where my little ones grow up. This is the home that Hubby and I chose together.

Along with the excitement {as many of you know}, comes the overwhelm of 'now what?' What did I get myself into?? We have jumped into planning and packing...and purging!!

This beautiful stack is a piece of me and of my history. This is nearly every paper from my nursing education. I read every word in that pile and {once upon a time} knew it all! It impresses me and makes me proud. It is bittersweet, but empowering to let it all go. I am saying goodbye to the hard proof of the knowledge I gained while in nursing school. And it's okay because I have an amazing career caring for Organ Transplant patients. That is the real proof and I can finally start letting go of the printed past. This is 30 pounds less stuff I have to move! Off to the recycling center!

What have you been able to let go of lately?

p.s. We get possession of the new home 11/23 and to those of you wondering...we still plan to host Thanksgiving in our current home! And readers, PLEASE bear with me as I might be a little MIA over the next several weeks.


  1. Congratulations on your excititng news!!!
    It sounds so exciting!!! :)
    (I think this is the first time I've left a comment!)
    I work at our local hospital & we have lots of transplant patients come in for lab work. I love helping our patients! (I'm a Financial Rep.) & I love my job!

  2. hay congratulations on your achievement


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