Oct 20, 2011

Thursday Threads: Moving Tales

Finding a house to move into and transform it into your own home is so exciting!! And then...you wrap your brain around the reality of moving. The packing, the stuff, the cleaning, the stuff, de-cluttering, and oh,...more stuff. Hubby is a bit of a minimalist and I am counting down until we tackle the basement together.

While the task of packing and cleaning are quite daunting in my head, it has not been as bad as I envisioned {so far}. Today, I want to share a few tips and tricks that I have learned over the past few weeks. This advice comes from my own 'Thank goodness I learned that early' experience. I am no expert, but hopefully this will help a few people and can help spruce up your home even if you are not planning a move.

So, on to business!

{TIP 1}
Gather materials! I initially thought I could pack up our life in the boxes we had laying around the house. I am always keeping boxes, but it will definitely not be enough. Instead of running to a retail store for boxes and packing paper, I searched Craigslist. Within a day, I had 100 boxes for only $40! Many people were giving them away for free. Use them and pass it on!

{TIP 2}
Thank goodness for family! And for smart sisters! One of my younger sisters visited today with Mom to help clean, take photos, and babysit. I was staring at scuffed and fingerprinted walls and she suggests a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 'I think I have one stashed under the sink!' Sure enough, I did and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Scuffs, marks, food, fingerprints, dirt, and more easily wiped off the walls, doors, and trim. I couldn't put it down! Just make sure you have enough on hand. They can wear down quickly and it's addicting!

{TIP 3} 
Speaking of family, lean on your support system! Call a friend, neighbor, or family to help you clean or pack. Or have someone take the kiddos for a few hours while you bury yourself hip deep in packing paper and tape!

{TIP 4}
One day at a time! Make a list of the projects that need completed. Be specific. Tackle one room each day. Or pack 2-4 boxes each day. Be concise in your labeling and before you know it...life is packed and ready to move!

That's it for now. What tips have you learned from moving or cleaning? I hope to share more tips as our journey progresses! Have a great Friday!


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