Sep 25, 2011

What If?

Asking 'What if?' usually means regret. It infers wishful thinking. The question dwells on uncertainty. I have found my mind wandering to this question a lot lately.

What if I continued on my path of a Biology degree?
What if I had stayed in a relationship with 'so and so'?
What if Miss C doesn't sleep through the night tonight?
What if I don't eat better and focus on me?

Most of the time, deep within I already know the answer. Asking 'What if?' stirs up self doubt, however, I have been comforted. I am more than grateful I chose the relationship path I did. My hubby is my rock and I cannot imagine life without him in it. If anything, reflecting on the past stirs fear...I see what could have happened. And 'What if?' turns into 'Thank goodness!'

Thank goodness for my amazing nursing degree and ability to stay home with the little ones!
Thank goodness I have been blessed with my hubby!
Thank goodness Miss C is cozy in her bed and sleeping soundly!
Thank goodness I am healthy and have plentiful food!

My mind wanders, but I have control to take a negative reflection and spin it using a different perspective. As hubby reminds me, 'Everything is relative.' We have to take everything with a grain of salt and look at the amazing blessings in our children, my husband, my family, my job, food and shelter, and LOVE.

I hope we can stand up against the harshest of judgement...our own self. Have a wonderful Monday!


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