Aug 18, 2011

Thursday Threads: Shut Your Pie Hole!

I am excited to share this fun glass etching tutorial! Etching is a beautiful, but subtle way to add character and personality to your glass. This is also the perfect touch to show off your holiday pies!

After making a few Strawberry Pies, Mom borrowed my pie plate. Fast forward several weeks...with my Blueberry Buckle batter mixed, I searched furiously for my pie dish. A quick call to Mom confirmed it was still MIA! Glass etching is the perfect solution to ensure it never goes missing again!

Let's DO this!

You will need a few little things:
- Glass of your choice {I used a 9 inch pie plate}
- Design of your choice
- Mylar stencil/transfer sheet {found in Quilting Notions} may also use contact paper
- Razor or Exacto knife
- Armour Etch etching cream
- Paintbrush
- Tape for securing your design during transfer {optional}

I started with a 5 inch x 5 inch 'A' design from the iNked God font collection. I am slightly obsessed with fonts...slightly.

Start by laying your stencil sheet over the design and secure with tape.

Then, using your knife, cut out the positive space of your design {you may also stencil the inverse by cutting out the negative space}. Be sure to bridge any floating design elements when cutting your stencil. I made sure to create a bridge over the arm of my 'A' so the stencil remained intact {see pic}. Etching can also be done by using contact paper in place of the stencil paper. Cut out your design as described above.

Creating your stencil is a tedious process. is worth it!

Next, position your stencil on your glass and secure well with tape. If using contact paper, remove backing and stick to your glass surface.

Now for the fun part! Using your paintbrush, apply a generous amount of etching cream to your open stencil design. To keep your lines clean, be careful not to lift the stencil as you apply the cream.

Armour Etch recommends waiting 5 minutes before removing the cream. I waited a full 15 minutes to ensure a darker etch.

Once your timer dings, carefully remove your stencil. Wipe away the excess etching cream and rinse with water.

That's it! You're done. Take a bow! Stand back and admire your unique etched glass creation!

I hope you have been inspired to give etching a try!!


  1. I love it! So simple, but so smart. Will definitely have to give this one a try!

  2. What a great idea to personalize a pie plate!

  3. This is so cool! I love it. My mom has said "shut your pie hole" forever. It cracks me up that you said it here. I'm a new follower from Beyond the Picket Fence. I'd love a follow back, but no pressure. :-)

  4. Great gift idea too! LOVE the title of your post...chortling...

  5. This turned out great! I'd forgotten how easy and effective etching glass is. I see Christmas presents in the future....

  6. You have inspired me--I am getting some this weekend. Thanks for sharing at Beyond The Picket Fence.

  7. great idea, this is definitely a project I will be doing. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What an elegant and fantastic way to personalize this. Love it!

  9. This is so pretty and would make a great shower gift. So many possibilities! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky @

  10. I love this project. Glass Etching cream is soooo useful! I do a reverse stencil and put it on the bottom of the plates though. Your way seems easier. I'll have to give that way a try.

  11. Your pie plate looks great. You can also use masking tape instead of contact paper. Just overlap the tape strips and then cut out your design. That's how we did it in high school :) Came over from SewHappyGeek.

  12. You have definitely inspired me to give glass etching a try. Just might have to get some etching cream when I'm out today.

    Visiting from Not Just a Housewife. Following you now. :)

  13. I love this idea. I have had a few pie pans go missing a nice big S might be just the ticket to keeping my pie pans in my pantry.

  14. wow! I really should try this sometime! thanks for sharing, Alyssa. and congratulations also on qualifying to October's finest with your tank dress tutorial. have a lovely weekend...

  15. This turned out beautiful! Thanks for linking up - be sure and visit this week and grab a featured button.


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