Aug 6, 2011

Good Hair Day!

Finally, a good hair day! It helps that I showered today...and I have been using Bumble & bumble Surf Spray! I wanted to try this spray back in college and never got around to it. I have naturally curly hair, which is very fine {translates to flat and lifeless}. This spray gives body and defines my curl! I use a diffuser and dry my hair upside down. LOVE this product!

Are you still with me? Great! In June, I was excited to dedicate more time to my story through blogging. I am thrilled how far the blog has come in just a few months. 

I will be hosting a giveaway when Sweet Sewn Stitches hits 100 followers!! The giveaway will enable fun hair, new makeup, and other lovely goodies! Spread the word in blogland or on Facebook about your love for Sweet Sewn Stitches. I am excited to reward my amazing readers and the overwhelming support I receive every day! Stay tuned...


  1. Great hair! I might have to try the bumble stuff, I have the same kinda hair, I can probably count my good hair days on one hand!

  2. Aw you're so pretty!! Did I read 'new makeup'?! I will be so in girl!!


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