Jul 11, 2011

In With the New

I am starting to recover after vacation, Miss C's birthday party, July 4th get together, and a long weekend at the lake house. I am finally motivated to get the house put back together and organize. So out with the old and in with the new!

My first new find is a glass oil decanter to replace the gunky, gooey dish soap bottle kept on the kitchen sink {seen in the photo background...yuck}. I was a bit nervous trying this after reading this post from iHeart Organizing. 

I found a similar decanter at Home Goods for less than $4...what a deal! The spout is fairly open and I love the clean, fresh look of the glass. After a few trial weeks, I think I am going to really love it! Yes, the flow of soap is slower than a plastic dish soap bottle. However,  I find I am using less soap than before and still have plenty of suds to clean the mess! It has not become clogged or gunky and the spout stays clean. I am using Method dish soap and recommend a similar liquid soap if you try this out. 

I have also been wanting to replace the rug at the garage door entrance into the house. This jute mat has been there for several years and while it held up well, over time it began to look a bit worn and dirty.

Its replacement is this lovely rug from West Elm! I love the contrast and simple design. Being a wool blend, I am sure it will hold up to daily use a bit better than the jute mat.

What do you think? I am loving our changes. Any new, exciting finds or updates in your space?


  1. Both great updates...brilliant idea on the soap dispenser. I use way too much dish soap! I'm a new follower. I found your link on a side bar but can't say exactly where...going to look around a bit more. :o)

  2. So good to have you here Ann!


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