Jul 21, 2011

Enjoying Our Time Together

There are so many days when I can't remember whether I actually ate breakfast, in which room the sippy cups slipped into hiding, and how long since the last diaper change or toileting reminder. Being the MOM means always having your game face on and staying consistent, right? Kids love structure even if I feel like I am drowning.

Some days {I'll admit}, I am zoned out around the kids. Most days I am locked in and playing right alongside them. Others, I have to be mean mom and am exhausted by the constant monster mask I reluctantly wear.

This week, the kids and I visited my parents to help with some projects. Kids under the influence of travel usually equals a stressed and anxious mom nearby. During our three day trip, Mr E was on his best behavior. I am so proud he is MY son. The one who said 'please' and 'thank you,' the boy who shared with his little sis, and the little mister who said 'I love you dearly, too Mom.'

I got to snuggle, comfort, and kiss him when he spiked a fever Wednesday. It was an honor to do laundry and disinfect the bathroom floor after he threw up. I was the hero for bringing him 'red medicine' at 5:30 AM.

THIS is what it is about. This is why I am a MOM. Some days I don't feel much at all and the next I cannot contain the emotions and absolute, unconditional LOVE I have for my little ones. This love makes my brow wrinkle, the corner of my mouth to turn up into a faint grin, and my chest ache. This is what makes me a MOM.


  1. Gosh I'm so glad to know I'm not the only who feels like they're mean sometimes!! I totally agree with the post! Lovely.

  2. And you are an amazing MOM at that!


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