Jun 9, 2011

Thursday Threads: Successful Garage Sale! (free printable)

It is the season for sales...garage sales! I have been given a deadline to get all of my sell-able junk compiled for our neighborhood sale. Here are 10 tips for a successful sale AND some fun printables to help price your items in style!

1} First things first! ADVERTISE! Place ads in local papers, online, and throughout the community. Make sure you also use signs to direct traffic to your sale the day of. And...make sure you take them down when it's over.

2} Make your space! Make it aesthetically pleasing. Tidy up by sweeping the garage/driveway and arrange your space so shoppers can easily browse. You can also hang white sheeting using rope tied across your garage space. This will hide away items that are not for sale and make it look tidy!

3} Move your cars. Move to a nearby street or lot to allow for 4-5 cars to be parked at your house for shopping. If I cannot easily park near a garage sale, I don't stop.

4} Lure shoppers in with perks! On a hot day, providing water or having the kids sell lemonade will help shoppers browse more comfortably. Setting up a fan can also help.

5} Clear presentation. Price your items clearly. Use tags and signs or individual item stickers. Don't wait until a shopper is interested to state your price.

6} Have change! Make sure you start out your sale day with $80-$100 of small bills and coins. An early bird shopper will inevitably pay for a 25 cent item with a $20 bill!

7} Place your attention getters out in the open! Popular/larger items like furniture, grills, lawn items, and baby items should be placed in plain view for drive by shoppers.

8} Price your items appropriately. Do not price items based on emotional and personal attachments. Here is a helpful reference for pricing items.

9} Provide a man center! Lure men in with tools, screws, yard items, etc. They will happily browse while the women shop.

10} Lose the box. Instead of having a cash box, consider carrying change in a fanny pack or money belt. {I'm using Mr. E's kid sized tool belt} This makes it easy for you to mingle if necessary and be more accessible to your shoppers.

Enjoy these fun printables! 

{Click to download}

{Click to download}

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  1. You are soo right on! If I might also add -
    1. have the kids sell something- lemonade, coffee, donuts, juiceboxes etc.
    2. Duct tape makes a better arrow than coloring one in with marker on a sign.
    3. If someone lowballs you a good response is "No, it is still early yet" or have them leave their name and number and you can call them if it doesn't sell.
    4. Have your sale friday morning, too! You would be surprised how much traffic you get on fridays - both morning and evenings.

  2. I love your site and the garage sale printable!! So cute!!

    Stopping by from the hop and am your newest follower! I also just started a new community for bloggers we would love to have you stop by: http://www.blogaholicnetwork.com

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these fun printables @ {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    Hope to see you again this weekend!


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