Jun 13, 2011

How Did the Sale Go?

How did it go, you ask? 

It went great! The sale was much more successful than I anticipated. We had a great turnout, especially Friday.

Some tips I learned during the sale:

- Have FUN! Shoppers are more laid back when you are as well.

- Choose Friday for your sale. Friday was more successful than Saturday. If you are wavering, go ahead and do two days.

- Get the kids involved! Mr. E and Miss C happily played in the yard and welcomed shoppers. We also got them pumped up for the sale by organizing a lemonade stand and a cute 'Bike Fund' donation jar for Mr. E. He has been carrying the jar of coins with him ever since!

- Find a buddy. It was difficult to attend to the kiddos and help customers. This was especially hard during naps and lunchtime.  Luckily a friend stopped by to help cook lunch for the little ones while I worked the sale. Thank you Jackie!

- Keep track of what you sell. It's nice to have a running tally and know what you actually sold. It was made easy using my fun printables!

- And for the record, the money belt / toolbelt worked great!! 

Our fun lemonade stand featured the printable banner from TomKat Studio. The banner was strung with matching twine from The Twinery. The sign was hung from a workbench that was for sale. It caught attention of those driving by the sale and was a hit with younger shoppers! 

We had a blast and made a few {hundred} dollars in the process! Stay tuned for a tutorial to create your own Bike Fund collection jar!


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