May 15, 2011

Simple BIG Things

There are several joys that come with being a mom or caregiver of a child. Nevermind the poopy diapers (yes, there were 5 total today), the disciplining, invoking the 'MOM' look, rinsing sippy cups, cleaning up endless food mess, cleaning up finger painting gone wrong, repeating the same sentence that begins with 'NO' or 'STOP' at least 4 times, and on...and on...

What I am loving are the simple things that in the end are the biggest highlights of my day. The phrases that E says that are so unexpected and absolutely hilarious. While shopping last week, I hear a small voice chant 'Trim the sails!' Excuse me? Yes, my 2.5 year old just summoned fellow shoppers with his true pirate spirit.

Or, pulling the backdoor curtain and reflecting on his work with 'Good as new.'

Helping mom put away did we do? E: 'Swell!'

Not sure where he hears these amusing things, but it brings a smile to my face and often laughter to share. It is a joy to share these simple things with DH that ultimately are some of the most important things to remember at the end of the day.


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