May 24, 2011

Dear 2-Year Old Sleep Regression,

Please stop bullying my sweet boy!

I know you think it is FUN to keep him awake late and several times each night, but you will most certainly cause this momma to snap.

Please move on and bully someone else with your distractions and tears. No more night wakings, begging to sleep with Mom and Dad, and requests to sleep in random places like the hallway...please stop the excuses and procrastination. We are all tired, cranky, lost, and on the verge of insanity with sleep loss EVERY night!

I know you are only a PHASE and I hear you 'shall pass.' I hope you show dignity to leave quickly and quietly so my little man (and the rest of us) may have SWEET DREAMS again.

Yours Truly,
Mr. E's (exhausted) Momma


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