Apr 5, 2011


Shoe Closet modern closet

Oh! If this shoe closet was mine, it would sure be a sign I had died and gone to heaven!

Instead I am following iHeart Organizing and tackling some shoe organization projects. Most of our daily 'go-to' shoes are stored in the coat closet which we recently reorganized. Trust me, it was bad! But, here is our new shoe storage solution. Easy to access and looks so much better!

My walk-in closet is the second most used space for shoes. Nothing like the first shot, but I have found the most space saving shoe storage is under my hanging clothes.


My SIL suggested the Shoes Under Shoe Organizer and it has worked great! It has 12 slots for shoes, but there is enough space to double up...especially with smaller styles like flip flops and flats. I bought two of the organizers and they slide easily away for hidden storage. Again, easy access with the clear view top window and front dual zipper. After a little purging of a few pairs, there was plenty of room for everything to be visible. A few pairs went to my sister and a few were donated...feels great to pass along the giving!


The last space that really needed some TLC was C's room.
We have an open bin organizer for everything that needs to be at our fingertips...hats, socks, leg warmers for her little crawling knees, tights, toys, after bath/bedtime items, and SHOES!


I cleared out everything that was too small or out of season and then re-organized by category. A bin for socks, for tights, one for legwarmers, a large bin for toys, one for hair accessories, bedtime items, and 2 bins for shoes...
because a girl can never have too many shoes...or enough shoe storage!

There is definitely more usable space and even a few spare bins for more things down the road. Easy to see what is stored in the organizer and looks so tidy!


BEST of all...the little ones are happy!


  1. You had me there for a minute I was sooooo jealous of your chandelier in your shoe closet! If I had the room I'd definately hang one in mine. Popping over from iHeart Organising :)

  2. Hi Alysa! Boy I think you sucked us all in with that fairy tale closet...lol Like you I also found other things in my home to conquer my closet and shoe organization. I did a 21-day purge last fall and got rid a lot of my fall/winter shoes so this go around I purged my bags...oh boy! Found some great, affordable shoe organizers at IKEA and it was a lot of work...but so worth it. Good luck in the giveaway and have a great day. Fondly, Roberta


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