Feb 23, 2011

Organizing is Addicting!

We have been having more fun organizing our home and our lives! It's amazing how much easier it is to breathe when you open a clean and put together space...a closet, a drawer, the door to the garage.

Kitchen junk drawer quick fix:

I had already organized last Spring with these great drawer organizers from IKEA. Since then, it had become a little messy. I took inspiration from IHeart Organizing and cleaned up my mess!


Our mess of a coat closet! Trust me...it was BAD! Cluttered with tons of shoes, coats, jackets, snowsuits, and a monstrous pile of hats, gloves, and scarves falling everywhere! I was a bit embarrassed to have no room to hang guests' coats when we hosted Thanksgiving.

DH and I were contemplating an entryway coat locker/storage bench, but the space is tight and we were not having any luck. How about we use our coat closet for coats and shoes! What a revelation!

(I ashamedly have no 'before' pics..those of you who have witnessed can spread the word as to its awful condition)
We already had the shoe storage shelves. Cleaned them out and kept only the shoes we wear on a daily basis. I found THE perfect bins (with handles for easy access and label pockets) at Home Depot. And a lovely Command hook to hold E's hoody and book bag for school. A much better option than the doorknob.

I am so amazed that this is our coat closet! Every time I open it, I am shocked and surprised...and relieved!


  1. Love those drawer organizers, I have been stalking them. I'm visiting from IHeart Organizing.

  2. Great job! I am in the process of doing a bit of organizing myself. I agree that it is freeing and feels so good!

  3. I am lovin' your organizing! I'm feeling it, too! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  4. I think you just motivated me into finally getting organized! Thank you so much for linking up!

  5. Hi Alyssa -- your organizing looks great. I've become addicted to fabric cubes when I first used Martha Stewarts from Home Depot in the turquoise [like yours] for my closet. Then I used them for a recycling station, organizing my bathroom, project room, etc.
    Thanks for a great site.


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