Jan 6, 2011

How was your Christmas?!

Our Christmas tour went great!
E is really at an age now to enjoy and start to understand what Christmas is about. He's still proclaiming 'Merry Christmas!' and talking about 'Baby Jesus!' This was also C's FIRST Christmas!! I know she'll won't remember much, but we all had a great time celebrating with family and friends...and Santa was good this year ;o)

Our white Christmas!

With the New Year already here, I am back to reality. E started school again after Christmas break and DH is back to work (...the moms never get a vacation...LOL!). I am on the journey to lose 10 more pounds and get to my goal weight! It is all starting with more cooking at home and meal planning. I am FINALLY going to do this and stick with it (no, really I am this time)! I'm just adding daily dinner plans to iCal (every other Tuesday) and grocery shopping every 2 weeks (Wednesdays). Here is my current biweekly plan...

Wed 1/5: Pepper chuck roast in crockpot with steamed broccoli
Thurs: Pineapple BBQ Chicken and rice
Fri: Chicken Enchiladas (DH's favorite)
Sat: Out to eat for Kelly's BIRTHDAY!
Sun: Deli Sandwiches or pizza
Mon: Greek Turkey Burgers w/ steamed veggies
Tues: Easy Pork Chops w/ potatoes
Wed: Oven Chicken Cacciatore w/ crescent rolls
Thurs: Meatloaf and potatoes
Fri: Herb Chicken Noodle Soup
Sat: Lasagna pasta
Sun: Crockpot Zucchini Lasagna
Mon: Pizza
Tues: Chicken Parmesan Bundles

TA DA! And the best part is...no more procrastinating and suffering over what to make for dinner. I have all the ingredients at my fingertips!


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