Aug 30, 2010

What's New(s)??

So what's been going on??

Life has been full of changes these past 3 months (yes, C will be 3 months old Friday!). E is finally (fingers crossed) moving on from his sleep regression and is back to sleeping in his big boy bed without a fight...yeeee ha!

Cora is growing and growing and now smiling more than ever! It is a lot more fun as she starts to develop her personality and this mama can see she is such a sweet little person (not just an eating, sleeping, pooping machine)!

I have started my weight loss journey after having C. I began 4 weeks ago and so far have lost 8 pounds!! I am so proud to be able to fit in a daily workout with the wonky schedule we have.

E starts a Mother's Day Out program this week! It's only one morning a week and will give me a little break to get some things done. We visited an open house last week and E jumped right in and starting playing in his classroom! Hoping this will be a fun way for him to grow! He will turn 2 next Saturday!!

Other than that, our days are filled with playtime and naps and snacks and walks! This past week lent some cooler weather for us to enjoy the outdoors. Back to muggy and hot again today...BUT, we still made it to the park!


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