Feb 17, 2010


Renovations are underway in full force before this little girl comes :) Mom came and helped lay tile in the guest bathroom...it is grouted sealed and ready for the toilet to be re-installed. YAY!

We are transforming DH's office into E's new BIG BOY room! The office was the first room DH and I ever painted and without much experience under our belts. It is a 'masterpiece' of 4 layers of RED satin paint...YUCK! This paint job scarred DH for life...he will never paint again! It has been sanded, washed down, and priming has started. E decided to help with spackling (he was quite intrigued by Grammy using putty to fill holes)! Thank goodness E's aunt was there to help babysit while we did some entertaining work :)

The final project we hope to have underway mid-March is the renovation of our master bathroom. Mainly new flooring, tub surround, and shower! Fingers crossed everything goes just as smoothly as the recent projects.

The pregnancy is still going very well. The little girl is moving around so much more now and is definitely growing!!

DH and I have started talking about taking a 4 day vacation in April as a little babymoon! I am really excited to go somewhere fun since we are not able to go on the annual family vacation in June (2 yr old, 2 week old, tight sleeping quarters, and a beach...a little tricky).

Most of all I cannot wait for warmer weather!! The cold and snow is starting to drive us all nutty. Heard birds chirping today and the sun was out to start melting the snow. Here's hope to warmer days ahead!


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