Dec 17, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holiday!!

Getting ready indeed! All the shopping is DONE and most all of the presents are WRAPPED! For some reason, shopping this year did not seem as painful. It helped that my Mom and sister watched E while I took a day to shop...alone! :) It was fabulous and very helpful.

It has also helped that life has not been too crazy along with the holiday buzz. E was sick a week ago, but has made it through. We took a few short day trips to my parents (just E and I). I am excited to start the Christmas family tour! For the most part, we are looking forward to celebrations and spending time with cozy family and friends. Wii party is up next...can't wait to have a blast! Merry Christmas to all and I hope we will all remember the essential reason we celebrate. While wonderful friends, family, and get togethers make for a great is the celebration of Christ's amazing love and His birth for sacrifice. Thanks be to God!


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