Nov 24, 2009

Be Thankful...just a note to self

Oh how life gets! We host Thanksgiving for DHs family on Thanksgiving Day. It a wonderful time to spend with family that we don't get to see often. It always seems our home repair budget also grows around this time of year...why is that?! Two weeks ago, our guest bath faucet broke...ordered a new one...which didn't fit the valve correctly...bought another...and it's fixed 10 days later. Just last night, our kitchen faucet stopped running! In taking it apart, it was evident there was quite a bit of rusting and also a bit of leaking water. to Lowe's again! Got another faucet, got halfway through installation before noticing we need an extension hose to hook up the hot/cold water...arghhhh! Did I mention family comes TOMORROW! (I know, life is much worse for so many others...just ranting...)

As always, DH will work some kind of weird 'handyman' magic and all will be fixed in time. Hopefully we will have running water during turkey day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family, friends, and happy and thankful hearts!


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