Aug 9, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

It seems like business as usual, but busy. It is finally time to plan Mr. E's 1st Birthday!! He's getting to be such a big boy...standing on his own and I am sure will walk any day! He has really enjoyed pounding away at the piano every day and has learned how to climb the stairs. He is also convinced he can go down the stairs head first...which never ends well.

Mr. E and I visited my parent's house most of last week working on a surprise birthday gift. Grammy is definitely a wonderful, creative artist! Kudos to Aunt Kelly for corralling Mr. E while we were hard at work!
Business has been taking off as well! Wooohooo! Not through Etsy, however. I have found a wonderful group of women through Ju-Ju-Be! Yes, the crazy diaper bag people...the same place where I won my beach bag. I have had the pleasure of altering diaper bags for some wonderful ladies. It has been so fun to get back into sewing and crafting.

We spent a weekend recently at my parents lake house and had a blast. Hope to do it again soon!

Hubby and I also got some dirt on our hands today with landscaping work. Demolition anyway. Our bushes in front of the house are D-E-A-D, dead! We worked for a few hours ripping those out today...whew! Not sure why we waited until the 90 degree heat weekend to do that! It's done and I am excited to start planning a new landscape out front! The main problem with the front landscaping is that it does not get much sun. If anyone has any suggestions for shade loving shrubs or perennials, please let me know. Just send me an email to help me plan that space - something that only gets as tall as 4-5 feet and not more than a few feet wide. Thank you for all of your suggestions!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather as well. And relaxing! Off to bed to start another week!


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